Trying to Find Real Work from Home

Trying to Find Real Work from Home

How is going today people? To be completely honest, I really did not feel like writing today because I feel terrible. Have not slept very well the last couple of days and have some sort of chest cold, but the show must go on as they say.

My last post was about how I even got started in this whole blogging game, which can be difficult without the money to build a site that will come up when people search for information on Google or any other search engine. I could never really afford to create that type of site so when I found iPage, which is the hosting company for my site, they had a sale going on and I jumped on it. I originally used them due to them running their sites using sustainable sources. As you can see, I have badges in various places on the site to acknowledge this. When I called about their sale, I only had a site that I created myself with drag and drop technology, which was pretty good, but it did not look very good on people’s cell phones. Let’s face it; most people are using their phones for just about everything, which is why I think the phones are now getting bigger when in the beginning they just kept getting smaller. So, I paid to have a site built in WordPress, it was under a grand, about $750 or so. I would have to look for the price to get an exact number, but you get the idea. Now, my website looks great on your phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop. At least I think so…. I am no internet guru or computer savvy person. I know the basics and am doing what I can to learn about what I do not know about WordPress and all the ways to reach people through the various social media sites (SMS).

Now you know where my site is hosted and why I use iPage. The next thing for me as I was finishing up my communications degree was how to find work. I tried the work from home pages on Facebook, but seeing that many of them were basically pyramid schemes or sales representative jobs, I moved on to other scenarios. In our search for affordable organic foods we came across many sites and tried a few of them. The one site that we almost bought into, which I will not mention because I believe they tried to scam us, seemed like a great idea. Their products were affordable and we had then ship us quite a lot of stuff at different times, until one day they emailed me about an opportunity to make money through them. They wanted people to purchase sites of their own to sell their products and we would receive commissions through those sales. It was awesome and I for one was extremely excited to get started on the project. However, as the project moved forward, the rules kept changing. It got to a point that we would not own the site we were paying for and there would be selling requirements, which if not met, would take away the commissions. Of course when I brought up these concerns they told me that these rules would not be overly enforced. That just sort of made me mad. Why have the rules then? I started to express my unhappiness more and more with these dramatic changes until I seemed to start a mini revolution against this company with the other affiliates. Many of them jumped ship, requesting their money back, and so did I. I can say that they gave me my money back quickly and we parted ways.

We also tried Farmbox Direct, which was very nice for a while, but by this time my wife started working for Aldi and their prices were better than FarmBox. However, we have found an organic site that has great products that you just won’t find in your local grocery store and the best part of this company is that when you decide to get a membership, they give a membership to a family that cannot afford one. Their prices are better or equal to what you will find in your local grocery store, but as I said, their variety cannot be matched by your local store. At ThriveMarket you can start a free trial for 30 days to see what all they have as well as how much you will save as a member. Any order over $49 ships for free right to your door. It can’t get much easier to shop for much of your food. Plus, you can shop by diet, shop for your pet, your babies and kids, and there are also plenty of products for your home. Check it out for yourself by clicking here.

While organic foods and other products are what helped to start my journey towards Sustainablystated along with my desire to write, I found that just writing in my personal blog, was not going to make me very much income. So, the search was still on to find a real job that would bring in a consistent flow of money. As I sat at my desk one day going through some Facebook posts I came across an ad that claimed to post real jobs for people wanting to break into writing jobs. At I found exactly what I was looking for. When you first get to their site, it truly seems like some sort of way to get some money from you. I almost stopped watching their video, but I am truly glad that I did not do that. It does cost you some money to obtain access to their information, but for the $34 I spent to get it, I know now that had I known what was there, I would have spent three times that. The jobs they have posted on there are updated constantly and you can get one time gigs that pay anywhere from $50 to $250 or you can find full time employment with many companies I know you have heard of. Penguin publishing always has jobs posted there along with CNN, BBC World News, many colleges and universities, as well as many editing jobs and freelance writing jobs. I was actually impressed and of course very happy that I did not waste money that I couldn’t. If you are looking for real work from home positions, this is a great place to start.

While I am going back to school for my Master’s degree I am writing articles for many of the writing gigs I found I have just started and it does take most sites some time to get back to you as there are usually a lot of submissions for them to go through. I am creating articles for very popular sites such as Cosmopolitan, Essig Magazine, and many more. There is such a wide variety of topics and places to write for that I find it crazy more people are not trying to do this. I am not making a ton of money yet, but hopefully, it will all start coming together very soon. To be completely honest, I have not motivated myself properly and should have got going on this much sooner. If you have the motivation and some witty words to put together, I am sure that you will be able to bring in some money that, in my opinion, is very easy if you like putting words to paper. I have also started my own book, which needs more work right now, but you can also find help to get published at as well. So, while I get back to writing some of these articles I have put off, give some of the sites I mentioned a try and move towards a life that keeps you at home with the ones you love and gives you the free time to go fishing or skiing, two of my favorites, or whatever your heart desires.


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