The Roller-coaster of Life!

The Roller-coaster of Life!

I have been super busy this week trying to get everything in order and life has dealt us a few blows. My niece, Jordan Marie Arnold has passed away and this has been hard to handle because aside from the family I have created with my wife, she was the last of my immediate family. Then as we had three of our boys, Tommy, Patrick, and Joseph at Kennywood Park in Pittsburgh, Pa. we found out that my wife’s aunt Donna had passed away that day.

                                                                                           Aunt Donna

We did have a great time at the amusement park, which I think wore us all out pretty good because everyone slept late the following day. Our loved ones will be sorely missed because it is never quite the same when you realize you can never message that person again, call them, or see their smiling face. Unfortunately, I have been through losing those I love many times and it never gets any easier. For me it seems as though it gets a little harder because each of those I have lost, with the exception of my grandmother, who died at 84 years of age, seem to have been taken far too early in their lives, let alone from mine.


However, we all grieve in our own ways and I choose to try and help others as much as I can. It helps me to know I have perhaps made it a little easier for someone else, even if it is just to lend a hand with household chores, yard work, or to sit around and talk.

My advice to all is to stop worrying about what you have no control over and live every single day as if tomorrow may never come. Love and cherish each relationship in your lives because that is all you get to take with you when your time comes.


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