The Journey

The Journey

I started my journey before I even realized that writing was what I really wanted to do. I am 44 years old and in 2012 at 39 years of age, I decided to go to college to change my life. I had been in the construction industry from the age of 13 when I learned from my grandfather how to put on vinyl siding and work a brake to bend the metal for fascia. From there I learned from a variety of people how to do electrical, plumbing, concrete, windows, doors, flooring, and everything else that goes into building a home from the ground up.

I was starting to shingle a roof when I fell, which caused an impact fracture in my wrist and resulted in surgery, where they placed a metal plate because the bone was crushed into too many tiny fragments to just get a cast. This started my path to go back to college, even though I did not realize it then, but I was becoming very dissatisfied with my work life. Getting older and seeing that there are not many construction jobs that pay what is really needed to feed a family, or that is about all you can do, feed them, as well as having no retirement, no insurance, and essentially not being able to do much at all, I was finding that even though I used to love building and working outside, I had about enough. I knew I needed to do something because I was plainly unhappy and dreaded going to work now. I developed a serious anxiety about going and dealing with the people I worked with every day.

At this time my wife Sara had already gone back to school. She decided to attend Grand Canyon University (GCU) in an online capacity because of how their classes worked. At GCU, you can take one class at a time, which definitely takes some of the stress out of actually going back to school. Most schools, even online, still subscribe to the typical school seasons making it so you have to take more than one class at a time. The difference at GCU is that you go to school year round. So, there is a trade-off. You get two weeks off at Christmas time and you can request a week or two off in between classes a couple times a year. Seeing that her classes seemed easy to navigate and she was doing quite well, I decided to give it a try.

The hard part was deciding on what to go to school for. I started in counseling with an emphasis on drug and alcohol, did that for about a year, and then realized that it was not for me. I was doing very well and wanted to continue, so I then moved to a communications degree. Now I was on the right track and this is when I started to think I could write or find a job that would better suit me. The degree covers a wide array of possibilities, which is what I really loved about it.

During this time in college I decided that if I wanted to write I needed some experience, which is when I started Sustainablystated. At first this site was dedicated to sustainability topics because we had started to eat organically due to some stomach issues our daughters were suffering from and once we made the switch, their issues got much better. Until of course they go out and eat crap at McDonald’s or something, then we hear about how their stomachs hurt or are upset and sick. Even though I intended on writing a lot, it just did not go the way I anticipated. I ended up spending too much time on the Facebook page and sharing information with many other pages. Now, I still share a lot of sustainable posts there, but now the focus will be on what I am doing in my everyday life taking care of my family, what I am doing about becoming a writer, and going to school since I have now decided on my Master’s degree, which will be a Master’s in English with an Emphasis in Education. This will give me some awesome writing classes as well as enable me to teach at 2 and 4 year schools, on campus or online, as well as furthering my abilities in writing as a freelance writer.  It will also boost my resume and who can complain about that? I have also wanted to achieve a doctorate, but before we go spending that money, I need to find my way in the writing world or obtain a job at a university to have them cover it.

I kept the name of Sustainablystated because I felt that the name would still be of use to me and in using the actual definitions, it definitely does still work. Sustainably: in a way that can be sustained in the long term. Stated: explicitly set forth; declared as fact. Therefore, I will talk to you in a way that I can sustain your readership and I will do it truthfully as well as factually.

Thank you for reading today and tomorrow I will move more towards how I found real work from home jobs on levels other than just writing. So, if you ever thought about it, but felt most are scams, trust me, I have been down that path too many times, which I will share with you as well. The defeats I faced will hopefully help someone else move past the bad parts and be able to move right into making money for themselves, from the comfort of their own homes.


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