Raising Awareness or Stealing Money?

Raising Awareness or Stealing Money?

By Thomas Costello


In a day and age where it is very easy to see that there are starving, poor, homeless, and people dealing with life threatening diseases everyday around the world, why is it that we still need to raise so much more money for the awareness of these issues, instead of actually helping those in need?
Bono’s One Foundation is a prime example of a non-profit organization that gave merely 1.2% of money given to the charity in 2008 that was actually used for people who needed it. The rest went to raising awareness and salaries, must be nice to work for a foundation like that One. A very good charitable organization typically uses 75% of donations for charitable programs according to the American Institute of Philanthropy and even an organization near the bottom of the “acceptable” spectrum spends about 60% on charitable programs.

The people of America alone have given an Estimated $358.38 Billion to Charity in 2014; Highest Total in Report’s 60-year History, which hints at the question, “Why are there still so many hurting around the world with so much money being donated?” Of these donations, individuals gave the most at 72 percent of the total.
Kids Wish Network has been targeted as one of the worst along with Cancer Fund of America, Children’s Wish Foundation International, American Breast Cancer Foundation, and the Firefighters Charitable Foundation rounding out the top ten of the 50 worst. Kids Wish Network fired back at the CNN article claiming it was false and that they spend 56% on charitable programs instead of the 3% CNN reported. That still puts them on the bottom according to American Institute of Philanthropy.
However you look at it, there is quite a bit of money being donated and not much being done in comparison when it comes to many charitable organizations these days. Do we need to be made aware? Or is it time to start putting the money where their mouth is?


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