Getting it together.

Getting it together.

Just getting all of this together was a little stressful and I am nowhere near finished. Going through all of the information, while trying to learn WordPress at the same time is exhausting!! Not that I have LEARNED WordPress yet because I am far from having it right and remembering how and where everything goes and works. So, there is still stuff that I have to figure out how to get rid of it as well as figuring out how to add more.

My website, Sustainablystated was originally made for a sort of news site because I wanted to try and make a difference in the world by writing about politics and green or sustainable products or situations. I will still give those areas a lot of attention, but now this will be more about me, my family, and our journey together as I complete my degree at 44 years of age and move on to writing jobs. I will go after my Master’s degree as I begin to work and share all of this with the world, hoping to inspire those dads out there struggling with what to do when the rigors of life start to weigh on them.

I am a great cook who looks after my little gang of kids trying to teach them as I am still learning myself. I worked in construction most of my life after years of getting into trouble and I worked in that field from landscaping to building million dollar homes in Pittsburgh and Rhode Island. I have done concrete, window installation, ceramic tile, coated the foundations of new homes, and been there with the home owner as they picked out the new paint colors they wanted throughout that same house I built. Ground up building was my favorite till I finally just ran out of enthusiasm for it after falling from a building. I also could not make anywhere near the same money in Pennsylvania that I made in Rhode Island, which was also a large factor in my decision to go back to school.

Grand Canyon University was a great choice for me as my wife was already attending school there online and their class structure was exactly what I needed while raising a large family. I am in school the entire year without many breaks, but it gets done one class at a time so as not to get too stressful. Still takes the same amount of time as actually going to school, but like I said, no summer breaks. To make extra money while sitting at the computer I found some work through Amazon, that does not pay well, but I get to work at my own pace and set my own hours. I am now looking at being a freelance writer for other sites and blogger because the need for writers has grown by leaps and bounds with the internet bloggers making so much money at it. Naturally, I am not making anything because I work for me…..:), but hopefully I write well enough to get a few gigs here and there to be able to prove my worth to other in this field. Then as I finish my degree, one class away…..YES!!!!, I will be able to use that to look for better and better jobs, sitting right at my desk. Then, hopefully, with a Master’s degree, even more opportunities will become available.

So, thank you for tagging along on this journey. Believe me; I am terrified, excited, and full of wonder at the endless fun I will have sharing this with each and every one of you, well, the couple that are currently reading anyway. Share it with any Dads you know who need a change, or maybe just a laugh as I share food recipes I use, things I do with the kids, the writing I get done to share with the world, and hopefully get rich and famous with the few books I have in the works….:)!!


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