A day in the yard.

A day in the yard.

So, I have wanted to put in a little garden, just some tomatoes, peppers, and maybe some zucchini. Naturally, a spot needs to be dug up, sod and rocks removed, and planted. With my gang of boys, there was no shortage of help offered, but what can they do?

Well, we started off with having Pappy come over with his new tiller and we got it going. Being a rookie when comes to garden equipment, I had to be shown how to use it with a short demonstration and I am quite sure I did not do a very good job. I had to mindful of the blackberry bush and the four blueberry bushes I just put in as well. I really should have cut the sod up first, I think, and then went at it with the tiller as my soil was still very wet from all the rain we have seen lately. The good thing is that the sod was sufficiently removed from most of the good top layer of soil and I was able to pile it up, which is where the boys came in. Travis and Joseph were more than happy to go at it with their little shovels, filling the wheelbarrow to the top twice, so I could take it to a spot I am filling in at the end of our yard.

The digging came next, which took the most time, but also came with plenty for the boys to do as there were many rocks both big and small.  There were also some fairly large cut off roots from some tree that once stood there. They took these down to the spot were already taking the sod to, one at a time, two at a time, or as many as their little hands could grab, until we came to a couple of pretty big rocks, at least for them. Here is where they pitched in together and tackled these monstrous rocks.

With the dirt all turned over, mixed up, and ready for planting, we called in the professional! Mom, to the rescue!! I did get the few pepper plants I wanted in, some hot and some regular green, along with nine batches of watermelon, two rows of two kinds of tomatoes, and a row and half of cabbage. Yeah, no zucchini like I thought, but oh well.

Right in the middle of getting the plants in, it decided to rain, a cold rain while the sun was still shining, and a beautifully bright rainbow descended upon us. Perhaps a sign of the pot of food we will recover from this small, but magnificent garden? Let’s hope so!

So, with the garden in, now we just have to keep the rabbits out of there! There are so many of those around right now my dogs go crazy trying figure out where the heck they are because the smell of them must be everywhere. Two Huskies, who I swear are great at smelling them out, but can’t see them right in front of their faces. We were walking outside one day and a pretty big rabbit was just standing there. Maybe he figured if he stood really still, they would not see him. He was right……lol! I said, “Hey, there’s a rabbit!” Knowing the word, they took off to where they get the best smell of them, happens to be in the opposite direction of the big one standing right out in front of them, which naturally ran off towards safety.


Being here most of the time with the kids, this is just one of the things I get to do with them or with them watching and telling me how it should be done….:)



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